Personal Injury

Riding his motorcycle home late on a dark night in a rural area, one of my legal assistant’s friends hit and killed a cow! After watching a ballgame with his family he was lost in thought.  Great night, great company the air was cool and the sky was filled with stars and … suddenly a cow…. He couldn’t swerve, couldn’t brake and now the cow was dead, the motorcycle was wrecked and his neck, ribs and back were sore.

Was he hurt more than he knew? Was he going to miss work? How quickly did he need to act?  Whose fault was it?  Who would have to pay? Would insurance be enough? Whose insurance?

Accidents happen. No one gets up, grabbing their first coffee, saying, “I’m going to hit a cow today.” Yours may be a car crash in wet weather, a slip-and-fall as you leave the dentist’s office. When your wandering cow leaves you with these questions you need to act quickly.

You’ve lost wages but your landlord or mortgage lender are interested in being paid.  How is the ambulance bill getting paid? The hospital bill? Where is the money going to come from? Who is at fault? The questions keep coming and you don’t know where to turn.

Aside from your medical care provider, a personal injury lawyer is an important part of your of recovery plan. You’ll want one you can trust, feel self-assured about, a lawyer that is results minded. Let Merritt Law Office help you during this very stressful and difficult time.

Don’t wait.  The law limits the amount of time you have to get treatment. If you don’t get treatment within 14 days after a motor vehicle accident, immediate help may not be available.

Merritt Law Office, offers a free consultation. Don’t wait, call us and schedule your consultation now. There are still several steps you will need to take to help get your claim settled, and we can help you through the process.

What to bring to your consultation

A list of questions you want answers to.

Along with:

  • Copies of your police report;
  • Medical records and bills;
  • Pictures, if you have any;
  • Loss of income information; and
  • Communications you might have had with any insurance companies.

Call our office and talk to our attorney and staff, people who have the experience and understand exactly what it is that you are going through.   When you’re in an accident your first call should be 911, your second call is usually to let family and friends know what happened. The third call should be to your attorney.

Let us be your third call.