Retirement accounts are often protected from debt collection!

You’re asking, “What does that mean to me?” If you’re in financial trouble, consider Bankruptcy instead of spending your retirement.  Now you’re asking, “How do I save my retirement savings through Bankruptcy?” 

“I heard that I can lose my retirement in Bankruptcy?! I’ve lost my job, my spouse is sick or they’ve lost their job, I’ve lost my driver’s license, my business is failing, I was just divorced.  I don’t know what to do and I’m losing my mind with worry!”  Take a deep breath and take three (3) important steps:

First, quit listening to everyone else, they don’t know what they’re talking about.  Their experiences are not yours. Second, don’t spend your retirement savings! Third, get free legal advice by completing our confidential Questionnaire and setting an appointment to talk with an experienced lawyer.

For fun, here’s  Kiplinger’s Retirement Savings Calculator to see how much you need to save.  This is why you must preserve your Retirement Savings.

Don’t spend (or borrow against) your d**n retirement money without professional advice!

Your retirement account is not a slush fund. If you think you want to spend your 401(k), IRA or 403(b) you’re probably wrong.  Don’t borrow against it for new cars & vacation homes; and NEVER use  retirement to pay credit cards or personal loans.

Keeping your head above water is not justification. I’ve heard it a million times…..”if  I can last one more month, this virus or financial crisis will pass.”  It probably won’t and you’re one step closer to the poor house.

This means what you think it does.  Put on your big boy or big girl pants and make  tough financial decisions, now!!

Experience Matters:

How do I save my retirement savings through Bankruptcy?   …..for less than a few months credit card interest you can discharge thousands of dollars in debt. I’ve been a lawyer for 21 years.  Since 2007 I’ve helped hundreds of people with a fresh financial start in Bankruptcy.

Do you know someone in a financial bind? Send them my way for a free  consultation. Call us or follow these links to our mandatory online Questionnaire and to set a 20-minute, free online appointment.

Thank you and stay safe.