Civil Litigation


It’s called civil litigation, but what is “civil” about being in a lawsuit? Civil litigation means you have to bring a matter to court on non-criminal matters because nothing else has worked to settle the issue between all parties.

In today’s society, civil litigation is all the rage and you can almost bet if you have someone standing at your door with court documents that you need to sign, you’re getting sued.

Automatically, you start looking for that lawyer that will “fight” for your defense. You look for that “Pitbull” or “Barracuda”, but the truth of it is, you want the attorney who is “civil” and offers professional courtesies to opposing lawyers. Basically, to keep the case moving, you don’t want to fight over every detail, but to work with opposing counsel to avoid any unnecessary costs and expenditures. We all, at some time or another, fall into that need to be right, and that can be costly. Merritt Law Office isn’t about getting in as many billable hours by prolonging the “fight”, we want to find a solution to your litigation problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On the other side of that, is acting like an ostrich – putting your head in the sand, and pretending you never got served. This is the worst possible thing you could do. Do not sit on that summons. Reach out to Merritt Law Office for the professional civil litigator that will help take care of the case and deal with the issues that you find too terrible to face.


A need for litigation can be found in just about every practice of law. Regardless of what your expectations may be, your litigation attorney will be with you every step of the way. Outcomes rely on different factors. Your case could be settled privately, or you could go to court. If you win your case, you may receive monetary compensation or force the other party to cease an activity. Some cases are better handled in mediation, minimizing needless fights. Mediation can actually save a client money, time and risk of an unfavorable ruling.

All things are often better when worked out, than being forced. There is a time to fight and a time to put down the olive branch. Bottom line, cooperation and communication can be much more productive than “getting in the ring”.